Plan Your Perfect Destination Wedding in Dubai

Tying the knot with love of your life feels great; isn’t it? Surely, you’ll like to make those lovely moments as beautiful and unforgettable as you can. Destination Wedding is the perfect idea to get the memories of your marriage embossed not only in your mind but also in the minds of your near and dear ones. If we go by the recent trends, Dubai is one of the hottest choices for destination weddings. If you plan well your destination wedding in Dubai can double as your dream honeymoon vacation that too with love and blessings of your loved ones.

Let us take you to the quick guide to planning a perfect destination wedding in the royal Dubai.

Hire a reputed Wedding Planner

Obviously, you must have your own plans for your wedding but having an expert who knows the ins and outs of Dubai is a must to turn your dreams and expectations in reality. It is a well-known fact that it takes an army to make the arrangements for a wedding. The wedding planners have connections with the suppliers and outdoor catering services in Dubai that are trustworthy to handle the responsibilities of your dream wedding. The city is the home for a number of internationally acclaimed stylists and musicians whom you can hire with help of your wedding planner. Further, it is not possible or advisable for you to leave all your works and go to Dubai months before to arrange everything for your wedding. You can comfortably stay in your homeland and let the wedding planner do all the legwork for you.

Book the Venue of your choice

When it comes to wedding venues, no other place can beat Dubai in terms of varieties. Here you can plan your wedding on exotic beaches, in luxurious hotels, in glamorous ballrooms, outside on a golf course to name a few. You can plan your wedding in a Banquet Hall in Dubai or choose some outdoor adventurous locations. If you plan to serve alcohol to your guests then it’s best to book a hotel because it is only the hotels that are legally allowed to serve alcohol in Emirates. If alcohol is not an important item on your list, you can scan through numerous outdoor locations for unique celebration.

Don’t forget the legal paperwork

No, we are not talking about visa and passport. You obviously know that… right! We are talking about the paperwork that you need to be done for your wedding. You must know that Dubai legally allows only its resident to marry that simply means one of the parties need to be a resident of Dubai. And, there are different rules for people coming from different nations. So, most of the destination weddings that take in place in Dubai between non-resident couples are actually pre-registered in their own country. So, make sure you register your marriage in your country before organizing the symbolic blessing ceremony in Dubai to avoid any legal drama at your wedding.

Don’t wait until the last moment to invite your guests

If you have guests coming from all over the world, this step becomes more important. Not only the bride and groom but the guests too need a lot of planning and preparation before attending a wedding. So, it’s always good to pre-inform your guests about the date, destination, and venue for your wedding in advance. For doing this, you’ll need a pre-decided date. October to May is the time considered to be the best time to hold a wedding ceremony in Dubai.

With help of your wedding planner choose a date during this period and start sending invitations as soon as the date is finalized.

Know a little about Dubai’s culture

Being an economy dependent heavily on tourism, Dubai is adequately liberal to its visitors. But, you should know that the conservative culture is in Dubai’s heart and soul. As a visitor, it is your duty towards Dubai to respect its culture. Public Display of Affection is not a thing of the mainstream in Dubai and your indulgence in such activities can make the locals little uneasy. It will be good if you can keep your romance restricted to your hotel room or such other indoor settings. Bikinis are good for the beaches of Dubai but it’s better to dress ‘appropriately’ according to Dubai’s culture when you are not on the beaches. ‘Appropriately’ certainly does not mean you need to be covered head to toe… it simply means modest dresses will be appreciated in Dubai.

A destination wedding in Dubai is worth the investment. It will make your wedding the most memorable day of your life.