Hot Tips to Visit Dubai on Budget

Dubai, the middle-eastern cosmopolitan city, is known globally for its affluent hotels, five-star restaurants and all sorts of luxurious facilities. So, it’s completely acceptable that you think ‘Dubai’ and ‘Budget’ both don’t go together. Dubai is undoubtedly one of the hottest destinations for travelers with big bank balances. But, it is equally true that budget travelers too can visit and have a wonderful time in this lovely city.

Yes, you read it right… YOU CAN VISIT DUBAI EVEN ON YOUR LOW BUDGET. Keep scrolling to learn our expert tips to have a budget vacation in Dubai.

Choose your flight booking time intelligently

Your first expense for your Dubai visit will be the cost of your flight ticket. So, you should start being thrifty at this very point. Almost everybody knows that booking flight tickets well in advance saves you lots of bucks. But, most of us tend to ignore this basic thing while practically planning a vacation.

In addition to this, you should also keep in mind the time of your visit. November to March is the peak tourist season for Dubai. If you visit during this time you’ll surely get everything at a hiked price due to greater demand. So, avoid visiting Dubai during this peak time.

Don’t overpay for accommodation

Despite being house to some of the most expensive and glamorous hotels in the world, Dubai has some really affordable accommodations. Hotel Booking in Dubai is an art and if you don’t know the art, you can end up over-paying. And this will surely take a toll on your budget. So, you need to be very cautious while booking a hotel in Dubai. And, don’t worry, even the cheap accommodations in Dubai will have air-conditioned or temperature-maintained rooms… because you know Dubai has only two seasons; hot and hotter!

Hunt for cheap and delicious foods

Once you enter Dubai, you’ll feel like forgetting your budget and living a king-sized life. But, be warned; spending a lot does not guarantee you the best product especially when it is about foods. As Dubai is a house for expats coming from all over the world, you can get all varieties of foods here. Middle-eastern, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese are some of the most easily available foods that you can get on a budget here. Target budget-friendly restaurants like Ravi Restaurant at Al Satwa, Zaatar Z Weit and Zaroob for lip-smacking foods that won’t burn holes in your pocket.

Choose Metro over Taxis

Do you know Dubai offers the cheapest Metro tickets in the world? And the expansion of Metro routes too is very wide in Dubai. So, there’s no point in spending your hard-earned money on expensive taxi rides. You can surely get onto water taxi and tram for a unique experience. But, your major mode of transportation in Dubai should be the Metro if you want to stick to your budget. And, if you enjoy being on the road rather than sitting comfortably in a Metro, you can use the rental bikes available for the tourists. This too will be way cheaper than taxis.

Don’t Miss any Budget Deals

You might like to first check the rooms and facility before booking a hotel room. But, this is not always the smart move especially when you are trying to plan your trip on the budget. You can find many coupon deals offered by almost every big hotel and food chains. If you know how to grab the good deals, you can easily get good service facilities at a much cheaper rate. So, prefer booking Cheap Hotels online rather than and grab as many coupon deals as you can for food chains and entertainment hubs like multiplexes. Finding coupon deals online is no rocket science… you can easily do it!

The above-mentioned things are the biggest budget-drainer for any tourist. If you manage to minimize your expenses on these things, then you’ll have more money for the real fun and adventure in Dubai. And, the last one is the expert tip to save some extra bucks on your budget trip. Before bidding adieu, let us give you a bonus tip… If you research well you can also get some entertainment for free in Dubai. Periodic open-air concerts and exhibits are a part of Dubai’s Culture.

Hope you have a fantastic budget-holiday in Dubai!