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Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Chinese delicacies are known to be one of its kind in world and we love to present in pure Chinese style in our Red Dragon Restaurant. The restaurant offers the most famous Chinese cuisines which can be enjoyed in our special breakfast buffet or you can have as you want in your exclusive a-la-carte menu. Even if you woke up at mid night and looking for a snack these Chinese delicacies are so light and perfect to suit your appetite. The restaurant is open for 24 hours to calm down your hunger pangs!

Kebab Korner Indian Grill Restaurant

If you love meat specially the mouthwatering, spicy selection from Indian cuisine then the Kebab Korner is your corner to satisfy your appetite. The restaurant offers the best kebab cuisines from India which are known for their flavour and spices, coming straight from the grill. If that’s not enough then you have a melodious evening of Ghazal to set the tone for evening.

Open for Lunch from 1200hrs – 1500hrs and Dinner from 1930hrs till 2300hrs..


Daawat is a special place where food meets soothing Bollywood music to provide the ultimate flavour of India. If you love the blend of great food and melodious musical treats, then you can have great evening at Daawat. The restaurant often host live performances from the popular Indian artists with the food which is the most popular delights in the Sub-continent.